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Geothermal produces endless amounts of reusable, economical,  electricity. One of the largest benefits of geothermal is its minute effect on the Earth. Geothermal is considered to be the greenest, or environmentally friendly, power sources available today.

Owning a Geothermal system can help you reduce air pollution and your carbon footprint. Carbon dioxide is a natural side effect of geothermal steam, but it is less than 4% of what is normally released by coal and other fossil fuel plants. In a closed-loop geothermal system, there are no Co2 emissions.


Geothermal systems have a low demand for electricity, which can result in large savings for the installer. Geothermal units have a 400 percent efficiency rating, and create 4 units of energy for every unit of electrically produced energy. Geothermal has changed the game by simply transferring heat instead of creating it by burning fuel, which is far better for your wallet, and the Earth.

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