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I’m very impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and attention to detail that I received from Excel Geothermal. I purchased 3 high end Climatemaster TE-30 Geothermal heat pumps to replace my 12 year old units and upgraded my spray foam insulation all in one transaction. Excel owns all of their equipment and has in-house crews. They do everything from the on-site well drilling to custom duct fabrication. They even own all of their own spray foam rigs and the lead technician that runs the foam operation has over 20 years of experience. He was instrumental in designing the application system that most companies now use & is really an artist when it comes to applying the product smoothly and consistently. When I built my home 12 years ago, I had to coordinate between 3 different contractors for everything that Excel did. I was skeptical while shopping for a replacement system because of the inconsistencies in quotes and stories that I got from different companies within the DFW area. Excel’s owner, Roy Schar did my quote personally, answered every one of my questions with written facts to back up his statements unlike the generalizations and guesswork that was given to me by some of the other contractors. Roy and every one of his crew members were courteous and polite, extremely careful in and around my home, they did a clean, efficient installation, making sure they didn’t damage anything and most importantly they did at the very least exactly what they said they were going to do. In many cases more. I realize that I’m a picky homeowner and admittedly not the easiest customer to work for. I’ve worked extremely hard for what I have and take care of it accordingly. In the decades that I have been hiring contractors, I’ve never had a contractor take the same amount of care with an installation in my home that I would have. I can’t give Roy Schar and Excel Geothermal A/C and Heat anything less than 5 stars for the outstanding job.


Truly a company of probity, aptitude, and conscientious customer service, Excel Geothermal expertly replaced my conventional system with an ultra-efficient one and also insulated my rafters with spray-foam, further reducing my monthly electric bills. I enthusiastically give Excel my highest recommendation! You will not be disappointed! Roy and his team of specialists masterly assessed my needs, proposed the best practical solution, then punctiliously proceeded to transform my abode from inefficient, electricity guzzling ogre to an energy-saving, fuel-efficient home where now, for the first time, all my rooms heat and cool properly and I can set the thermostat at the temperature I desire without fear of breaking the bank.


Excel Geothermal installed my system when our home was being built. I was on site nearly every day of construction and worked closely with my general contractor. Neither of us was familiar with geothermal before we got to know Roy Schar and his company. Our experience was excellent then, and my experience with Excel continues to be so, since they do periodic maintenance. The energy efficiency is huge, and Excel is a company of honest, fair, dependable people. Of all the sub-contractors on the job, they were among the very best.

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