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Homerun Alley

Home Run Alley, is an indoor baseball practice facility in Lucas, Texas. This is where Excel Geothermal installed three commercial Waterfurnace geothermal units. Two 25 ton units, and one 5 ton unit. The two 25 ton units cool and heat the larger area of the building and the single 5 ton unit is used to cool and heat the office.

The duct work for the building is rigid spiral duct work, the largest diameter being 30 inches which slowly tapers down into a 24 inch diameter. For the geothermal system, Excel also installed 55 geothermal wells at 400 feet deep. That's 22,000 feet of vertical bore drilling total for this project alone! We also installed 48,000 feet of geothermal pipe in various sizes.

Excel Geothermal also installed the spray foam in this building. 6 to 8 inches of spray foam insulation was installed on the exterior walls, and 10 to 12 inches of spray foam was installed on the ceiling.

We also installed intumescent fire block paint on the spray foam to protect the building and spray foam.

This is not the largest project Excel Geothermal has taken on. "For the capacity of this system it's actually on the smaller side compared to the size of systems we have installed in residential homes" says President of the company, Roy Schar. 

This project is quite a unique one though, typically hvac equipment is hidden around or in most structures. Many times they are kept behind sheetrock, or in an attic, but in this case the air handling units, the pumps, the duct work and the geothermal piping are all exposed.

(see progress photos below)

More Photos

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